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"the Wanzelenaar" is based on a legend that says that a Wanzelenaar, where he is going, he always takes a piece of Wanzele with it. Literally: "the ground beneath his feet is Wanzele, the tile on which he or she stands is Wanzele.

The admiration and fascination with the "Fallen Astronaut", by belgian artist Paul van Hoeydonck, on the Moon brought me to the idea of placing figures all over the world. Figures with a unique charcter. I followed the artists @slinkachu_official and @invaderwashere and brought their street art into a single small compact idea. That was "the Wanzelenaar" with one goal: Bring "the Wanzelenaar" to all over the world, under the motto "the moon is the sky, mars is the limit!!".

People who help me bring "the Wanzelenaar" in the world get a certificate and become an official contributor of #w617

Each certificate has a unique number, my signature and the name of a real wanzelenaar. 

I'm working with Glas mosaic (thecraftkit.com) 20mmx20mm or 25mmx25mm , Preiser HO 1:87, Kinder Surprise and Bison, Loctite, Pattex. 

Other w@Rt artprojects are iPad-ART.com and SOF2014.be

Here you can find more pictures of the project #w617 by w@Rt

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